Are there risks involved in participating in a research study?

Risks are involved in clinical research, as in routine medical care and activities of daily living. In thinking about the risks of research, it is helpful to focus on two things: the degree of harm that could result from taking part in the study, and the chance of any harm occurring.

Why should I participate in a research study?

The involvement of participants as partners in scientific research is crucial to its success.  Breakthroughs in medical treatments have benefited millions of people, and this could not have happened without the involvement of people willing to participate in research.

What is Informed Consent?

Your participation in any research study is voluntary. For every study in which you intend to participate, you will receive a document called "Informed Consent" that explains the study in straightforward language.

What is an IRB?

IRB stands for Institutional Review Board, which is an independent committee outside of the Schroeder Institute that reviews, approves, and monitors research studies prior to the start of the study. The IRB monitors the conduct of the research study throughout the entire study to ensure that the

What is a research study?

Scientific research involves gathering data, information or facts in order to advance knowledge. At the Schroeder Institute, our research studies focus on tobacco use. All the studies listed on this site are clinical studies, meaning they involve human volunteers.