Transmission of Nicotine Dependence, Psychiatric, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Co-morbidity Across Generations

This study is a continued analysis of the original study that was conducted at The Brown University Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Center (TTURC). It was a retrospective and prospective study of the parents and 2 generations of offspring of the National Collaborative Perinatal Cohort to study the effects of in-utero and early childhood environment on psychosocial and school adjustment.

The sample was re-contacted when the children were aged about 40. Over 1600 probands were interviewed for past and current behaviors and biological samples were collected for genetic studies. Measures are extensive and include tobacco use behavior, lifetime trajectories of patterns of tobacco use, mental illness/psychiatric and alcohol/substance abuse comorbidity, in-utero exposure during pregnancy, and phenotypes.

Ongoing analyses pertain to: the natural history and patterns of smoking trajectories and transitions from uptake to regular use to relapse episodes; tobacco use and comorbid mental illness, alcohol and substance abuse; in-utero exposure to smoking during pregnancy and effects on offspring; and measures of dependence phenotypes to examine genotypes. Ninety-four manuscripts have been published from this study to date; a sample of recent publications are listed below.