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A series of small group and individual discussions with young adult smokers and former smokers recruited online through Tumblr.

The goal of this study is to learn more about young adults who report social smoking.

Methadone-maintained smokers represent an important and large population of long- term, highly dependent smokers; this study aimed to find an effective medication-based quit smoking strategy for this population.

The goal of this study was to develop and evaluate a clinic-based culturally tailored smoking cessation treatment for HIV+ Latino population.

This study evaluated the effectiveness of Internet cessation treatment alone and in combination with proactive telephone counseling.

The goals of this project are to develop a partnership between two existing successful initiatives: the Million Hearts Initiative at the MedStar Health system in the metro Washington, DC area, and the suite of digital smoking cessation programs at the American Legacy Foundation. This project also aims to advance physician training across MedStar Health clinics in assessment, brief advice, and referral to evidence-based smoking cessation.

Research on smoking and other health-related trajectory between parents and their offspring provide important information about how behaviors and health outcomes can be related within a family.

This research study developed a Facebook quit smoking app and explored how it spread from one smoker to another throughout Facebook.

This is a longitudinal study designed to understand the trajectories of tobacco use in a national sample of young adults. Read more about how this study works.