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This study examines exposure to discrimination and marketing as factors associated with tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use.

This systematic review examined randomized trials to evaluate the effectiveness of Internet interventions in promoting smoking cessation among adult tobacco users, particularly in reference to other forms of intervention recommended in cessation treatment guidelines.

This 3-week study examines e-cigarette use among smokers using data collected via mobile phone.

This study examines how a quit smoking blog on Tumblr helps smokers quit.

Mobile devices were used to measure individuals' exposure to point-of-sale marketing during daily activities. Data collected will allow us to study the impact of marketing on smoking related behaviors.

This study tested the effectiveness of different online ads in recruiting Latino smokers to an Internet-based quit smoking program.

Each year, thousands of people who have recently quit smoking turn to the Internet for help in staying smoke free.  Yet very little is known about the type of information or support that can best meet their needs. This study is designed to learn more about recent quitters in order to design Internet programs that can help them stay smoke free.

Millions of smokers turn to the Internet each year for cessation assistance and hundreds of thousands seek advice and support in online social networks for smoking cessation. Though it has been nearly 15 years since the first online social network for smoking cessation was launched, little is known about the ways in which online social networks impact tobacco use. This study will examine how online social networks influence smoking cessation.

This study examined the impact of phone and web-based survey methods on recruitment and retention in an Internet smoking cessation study.