This study looks at non-tobacco users’ exposure to tobacco marketing and their perceptions of tobacco products and advertising.

Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Cigarettes

This study examines young adults’ behaviors and attitudes toward menthol cigarette smoking, and perceptions of packaging for menthol cigarettes.

Cigarette Attitudes and Behaviors Among Sexual Minority Young Adults

This study examines attitudes, beliefs and behaviors about smoking cigarettes and smoking cessation among young adult sexual minority smokers.

Daily Tracking of E-cigarette Use Among Smokers

This 3-week study examines e-cigarette use among smokers using data collected via mobile phone.

Bringing EX to A Million Hearts

The goals of this project are to develop a partnership between two existing successful initiatives: the Million Hearts Initiative at the MedStar Health system in the metro Washington, DC area, and the suite of digital smoking cessation programs at the American Legacy Foundation. This project also aims to advance physician training across MedStar Health clinics in assessment, brief advice, and referral to evidence-based smoking cessation.

E-cigarette Attitudes Among Smokers

This study examines attitudes and beliefs about smoking and e-cigarettes among smokers.

Daily Patterns of Smoking and Alcohol Use

We are looking for smokers who are regular drinkers for a research study sponsored by the National Cancer Institute about daily smoking and drinking.

Smoking & Drinking Attitudes

Do you smoke and drink alcohol? Help us develop the best quit smoking treatments to help smokers that drink by participating in this study!