This study looks at non-tobacco users’ exposure to tobacco marketing and their perceptions of tobacco products and advertising.

Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Cigarettes

This study examines young adults’ behaviors and attitudes toward menthol cigarette smoking, and perceptions of packaging for menthol cigarettes.

E-cigarette Abuse Liability and Appeal

This study examines abuse liability and product appeal of e-cigarettes among adult smokers.

Attitudes towards tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana

This study examines exposure to discrimination and marketing as factors associated with tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use.

Cigarette Attitudes and Behaviors Among Sexual Minority Young Adults

This study examines attitudes, beliefs and behaviors about smoking cigarettes and smoking cessation among young adult sexual minority smokers.

Recruiting Latino Smokers with Online Advertising

This study tested the effectiveness of different online ads in recruiting Latino smokers to an Internet-based quit smoking program.

Transmission of Nicotine Dependence, Psychiatric, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Co-morbidity Across Generations

Research on smoking and other health-related trajectory between parents and their offspring provide important information about how behaviors and health outcomes can be related within a family.